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Our team

Co-Founder & VP Client Relations

Bobby Sepentgis

Bobby has over 10 years experience in screening and hiring candidates as a VP of a leading energy consulting firm in North America. During Bobby’s time as VP he learned and firmly believes in the motto “Hire Character, Train Skill”. Bobby is an expert on reading personality types to pair the right character to the perfect position. He believes that people come first and firmly believes and follows the famous quote from Sir Richard Branson – “Train people well enough so they can leave, but treat them good enough so that they do not want to.”

Co-Founder & VP Business Development

Matt Penney

Before venturing into the temporary foreign worker industry Matt had over a decade of experience running a business in the service space and has spent the last 6 years leading a customer centric team in the energy industry. From his background as an energy broker, he felt the model of low margin and high volume could be implemented in foreign and domestic recruiting. He learnt over his experiences how to build strong connections and always value the person more than the resume.

Partner & Data Management Coordinator

Marc-André Ranger

Marc-André is our Data Manager. He has completed a college diploma in paralegal technologies followed by an undergraduate certificate in industrial relations. For the past 20 years, he has been working with immigration lawyers on corporate immigration matters. He has assisted in thousands of successful LMIA and work permit applications over his vast career. At RWB, he is in charge of all our data-gathering technologies.

Landing Services Coordinator

Salena Veilleux-Witté

Salena has a background in Communications and Immigration. She focused her studies on intercultural relations and worked for a Non-Profit organization that helped refugees have a fresh start in the Montréal area. Salena is our landing services coordinator and will assist our candidates from when they leave home to when they are settled in their hiring city. She will help with different services, from accommodations to provincial health services and general local information to help the candidates get settled in their new surroundings. Speaking four languages helps her be an asset in communicating with candidates. Salena’s passion is in helping newcomers feel at home while living the Canadian experience.

Landing Services Specialist

Julia Somberg

After dedicating years to raising her three daughters, Julia made the decision to re-enter the workforce with a desire to connect with people. Her extensive volunteer experience coordinating various events and activities has developed her strong problem-solving abilities, adept research skills, and became a compassionate listener. These experiences provided her with valuable interpersonal skills and a thorough understanding of community dynamics. Julia will serve as the Landing Services Specialist. Her role encompasses a wide range of services, including facilitating accommodations, navigating provincial health services, and providing essential local information to aid candidates in acclimating to their unfamiliar surroundings. With Julia’s dedicated assistance, our candidates can expect a smooth and seamless transition as they embark on their new professional journey.

Immigration Assistant

Susie Malcom

Susie Malcolm is an Immigration Assistant at Recruit Without Borders, specializing in LMIA processes for foreign workers. With a background in international communications and border services, Susie brings confidence, attention to detail, and thoroughness to her work. Known for her meticulous approach and adept communication skills, Susie navigates immigration complexities with ease, ensuring exceptional service for clients. Her dedication to streamlining processes and helping foreign workers achieve their career goals makes her a valuable asset to the team and clients seeking global talent acquisition.

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