Transforming The landscape

Recruit Without Borders was co-founded by Bobby Sepentgis and Matt Penney on the belief that there is a need for transparency in the process of bringing temporary foreign workers into Canada; both for the candidates and the employers who may be new to the process.

“Our experience has taught us that many recruitment agencies have taken advantage of the current domestic labour shortage and capitalized on the opportunity. We saw that there was a lack of transparency and we wanted to be that bridge between employers looking for real solutions, and candidates looking for new opportunities to grow with a company and live the Canadian experience.”

A modern approach

Employers are being charged high fees with many hidden costs while being misled about government standards and the actual delays for granting work permits depending on where they recruit from. They are also expected to take care of a large portion of the mandatory steps the government requires throughout the process.

Candidates should never pay a fee in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. We have been told by many employers that they were not aware of this fact or that the recruitment agencies they were working with were charging candidates large loans in order to be offered the job. If a business pays little to no cost for their candidates it should raise a red flag. There is a fine balance between paying too much and paying too little in the global recruitment market. Recruit Without Borders strikes that balance.

The mission of Recruit Without Borders is threefold:

  1. bring costs down as low as possible for the employers
  2. ensure candidates never pay a fee for the job
  3. donate a portion of all revenue to local non-profits that support new Canadians

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